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Success Stories

"It was amazing to see how much we could save. Just a few hours work is going to save us $7,500!" - Toni

“Give me 12 months and I will have no bad debt and savings... I am getting so much from this." - Kathryn

"A few simple changes to my home loan have reduced my loan term by five and a half years... saving me $75,450 in interest!!!! Thank you very much Kochie and team – that’s my $100 layout well spent!" - Tandy

"Just want to say thank you and wow! I am so glad I did the Money Makeover and I think I will do it every year now. I saved just over $3000... and I thought I was pretty good with managing the money!" - Sue

"After completing the course earlier this year, we are finally in control of our finances." - Fiona and Richard

"Woohoo, HUGE shout out of thanks to Kochie and Libby! I feel like I have just been visited by the Sunrise Cashcow!" - Sandy