Kochie’s 4 Week Money Makeover

Take the mystery out of money. Kochie's Money Makeover is an online course that will help you take control of your money once and for all, hosted by personal finance experts David and Libby Koch.

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Take control of your money with David and Libby Koch

The Money Makeover is an online course designed to help you take control of your finances.

Over four weeks, David and Libby Koch will show you simple strategies to break bad habits and make your money go further. And with daily tasks to complete and guidance from financial experts, you’ll be seeing real results from day one.

“When it comes to your money, knowledge is power! In our Money Makeover, my wife Libby and I have taken all of the financial insights, tips and tricks we’ve learned the hard way, and condensed them into a simple, practical and fun online course."

- David and Libby Koch

  • "I’m a bit sad that the four weeks is over! I’ve learned so much in this time and it’s been very motivating. I came from feeling like I was drowning and constantly falling behind, to having a plan and feeling like I’m on top of things. Thanks Kochie!"

    Laura, Money Makeover Member

  • "I am really enjoying this course. It has already improved financial communication between my husband and I. We have talked about what we would like to do in the future but never actually planned anything around it, it has all been wishy-washy. We are now actually having conversations about time/place/cost of these so we can work towards it."

    Carly, Money Makeover Member

  • "Hi there team, just want to say thank you and wow, what a fantastic thing to! I am so glad I did the Money Makeover and I think I will do it every year now, I saved just over $3000. Seriously thanks again for a fantastic eye opening learning experience. I thought I was pretty good with managing the money!"

    Sue, Money Makeover Member

  • Thank you Kochie and Libby, your Money makeover taught me that no matter what your income is there are positive and active things anyone can do to reduce expenses and increase income. I now have my finances in place for the next stage of my life (turning 50). I will continue recommending the Money Makeover to friends and family.

    Lina, Money Makeover Member

  • "It's great to be taken on a journey. I have been busy and ignoring all of the strategic and long term stuff and focusing on the day to day for too long. Now I know where we are financially, I know we can do better. This course has brought back some balance between day to day and long term."

    Roger, Money Makeover Member

  • "Thanks Kochie and Libby! The course has been very informative, enjoyable and interesting. We knew “we had to do something” just needed some prompting to look at everything and make some firm decisions. On the whole we feel we understand more about our finances, we are on the same page with sharing information, goals and where we are headed financially. Thank you both so much again for the insight."

    Ethel and Michael, Money Makeover Members

Week 1 Set goals & budget

In the first week you'll learn how to build a budget, increase savings and set good money habits to help you reach your financial goals.

Week 2 Manage debt

Find out how to eliminate your bad debt, get your good debt working for you and slash interest payments in the process.

Week 3 Build wealth

Understand the banking system, property and the share market and how to put your money to work.

Week 4 Protect your future

Learn how to protect your nest egg, maximise your savings and set yourself up for financial freedom.

A money course for everyone!

Kochie’s 4 Week Money Makeover is more than an online course, it’s a community of people dedicated to making better financial decisions. Sign up now to start your financial transformation!


On average our users took between 15 and 30 minutes a day to complete a lesson.


71% of our users said they saved over $1,000 after completing the course.


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