Kochie’s 4 Week Investment Makeover

You work hard, so should your money. The Investment Makeover is an online investment course designed to help you invest wisely and build long-term wealth, hosted by finance expert David Koch.

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An online investment course to put you in control of your financial future and build long-term wealth

Kochie's 4 Week Investment Makeover is an online course that will give you the knowledge and confidence you'll need to put your money to work.

For people who have completed Kochie's Money Makeover or already have their day-to-day finances sorted, the Investment Makeover is the next step towards securing your financial future. Just like the Money Makeover, the course features fun daily video lessons hosted by personal finance expert David Koch, practical tasks to complete and expert insights into investing.

"My goal with the Investment Makeover is to give you the knowledge and confidence you need to achieve your long-term financial goals. Building wealth takes time, and this course is the perfect first step on your investing journey." - David Koch

  • One of my favourite quotes from legendary investor Warren Buffett is... “Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago." What he’s saying is that building wealth takes time. Signing up for this course will arm you with the information you need to plant your own tree and take control of your own future.

    David Koch

Week 1: Investing basics

We walk you through understanding your risk profile and setting your investment strategy, and introduce proven ways to manage investment risk.

Week 2: Shares

We help you understand the ins and outs of share trading, show you how to invest in shares directly and also cover managed funds and ETFs.

Week 3: Property

We bust some of the dangerous myths surrounding the property market and look at proven, long-term strategies to investing successfully in bricks and mortar.

Week 4: Superannuation

Learn how to set up your super for long-term success, and understand more complex super structures such as SMSFs. Plus, how to find professional financial help.

Investing made easy!

We take the mystery out of investing and show you simple and clear strategies towards building long-term wealth. Sign up to Kochie’s 4 Week Investment Makeover for ongoing access to all of our course content, and join our exclusive online community where you can get your investing questions answered!


Each day on the Investment Makeover you will receive a short, practical video covering a new investing topic for you to enjoy at your own pace and in your own time.


You work hard, and so should your money. Learn how to put your money to work with our practical, conservative and long-term approach to investing.


Forget about boring textbooks or seminars. You can watch Kochie's Investment Makeover on any desktop, tablet or mobile device.
No risk, 30 day money-back guarantee on Kochie's 4 Week Investment Makeover!