The first round of Kochie’s 4 Week Money Makeover has just wrapped up, and we want to share our thoughts on how it’s gone.

The first thing we’d like to say is… wow!

Feedback from participants on the course has been incredible. We have absolutely loved hearing your stories about how you have progressed over the four weeks.

People who started out feeling like a financial novice have ended up feeling informed, confident and in control of their money… and locked in significant savings along the way. It’s inspirational stuff.


“Thanks Kochie and Libby! The course has been very informative, enjoyable and interesting. On the whole we feel we understand more about our finances, and we are on the same page with sharing information, goals and where we are headed financially. Thank you both so much again for your insights.” – Ethel and Michael, QLD


One thing we’ve found interesting is observing how people have been able to achieve real change.

We have a discussion forum set up for participants. It’s open throughout the course, and people can voice their thoughts on the daily lesson, get questions answered by financial experts or share inspirational stories with the group.

Flicking back through the posts last night (there were hundreds over the four weeks), we realised that one of the biggest drivers of change is attitude.

Yes, you need to understand how the financial world works and master basic financial skills. But getting your mind in the right place to make positive change in your financial life is one of the most important lessons the Money Makeover will teach you.

That’s what we saw in the forums… The people who put the most in ended up getting the most out, and their stories inspired others to do the same.

And that is why we run the Money Makeover with set start and end dates.

It means that everyone is in it together and everyone has a shared goal: to take control of their financial situation. And it gives people the motivation to take action.


“Give me 12 months and I will have no bad debt and savings. I am getting so much from this. I was even thinking this morning, in two years I should redo this course to see how far I have come. Now that’s thinking for the future…” – Kathryn, NSW


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If you missed this round, don’t worry. Kochie’s 4 Week Money Makeover will be back bigger and better than ever next year.

The next course kick offs on the 29th of February 2016. That’s right… it’s a leap year so why not leap into your finances and get them back on track?  

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Finally, we just want to say a huge congratulations to the Kochie’s 4 Week Money Makeover Class of 2015. You’ve made real changes and set a path towards financial freedom. Make sure you stick to the plan and don’t let bad habits creep back in. We will see you again next year.

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