5 easy ways to change your money mindset forever

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Don’t let good money habits fall by the wayside just because they are harder than you expected.

How to protect yourself financially when you move in with your partner

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Around 80 per cent of Australian couples will live together before they get married, but many don’t consider the potential financial consequences that can arise if the relationship goes south.

Kochie’s mid-year investment review: how are we tracking?

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The start of any New Financial Year is a time to step back from the tsunami of economic and investment data which swamps us on a daily basis, take a deep breath and assess the big picture performance.

6 financial fears that are holding you back

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For many Australians the major hurdle to building real wealth is not the performance of investment markets… it’s what’s happening in their head.

Why YOU should be teaching your kids about money

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Kids learn virtually all of their financial knowledge by observing their parents. So what are your money habits teaching your kids?

Kochie’s 5 Step Financial Fitness Challenge

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Lib and I have laid out a 5 step financial fitness challenge. How many can you cross off the list?