7 traits that lead to bad investment decisions (and how to avoid them)

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Success or failure when it comes to investing often comes down to our personal psychological traits, and the way we make decisions, rather than the actual quality of investments themselves.

How to make your wealth last a lifetime

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It’s one of those financial nightmares we all hope doesn’t come true… running out of money in retirement. Outliving your wealth adds an unwelcome level of stress at a time when you’re financially vulnerable. Here are our top 7 strategies to ensure your wealth lasts a lifetime… or longer.

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Kochie’s tips for managing money together

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Nothing can tear a relationship apart more than financial issues. It can set couples against each other and fester into something incredibly destructive. We’ve found that it is so much easier to cope with these strains if you have a relationship built on strong financial foundations and values.

Thinking about buying a property? Here’s how to calculate your borrowing power

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Here are the six main things lenders look for when deciding how much to lend you, and simple tips you can use to safely maximise your borrowing power.