Thinking about a second job? Here are 13 simple tips to get you started

5 years ago - 6 minutes read

That Australian entrepreneurial spirit and passion for hard work is alive as well, with over 760,000 working a second job. Here’s how you can too.

Join Kochie’s campaign for optimism!

5 years ago - 4 minutes read

Join our Campaign For Optimism. We’ve had enough of the whingeing, the whining, the glass half empty rhetoric. We’re drawing a line in the sand. No more.

19 ways to save money… right now!

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Low wage growth in Australia means every dollar counts. So here are 19 ways you can immediately save at least $100… and maybe a lot more.

Introducing Kochie’s 4 Week Investment Makeover!

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Kochie’s 4 Week Investment Makeover is our new online course that will give you the knowledge and confidence to put your money to work and start building wealth.

5 easy ways to change your money mindset forever

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Don’t let good money habits fall by the wayside just because they are harder than you expected.

How to protect yourself financially when you move in with your partner

5 years ago - 6 minutes read

Around 80 per cent of Australian couples will live together before they get married, but many don’t consider the potential financial consequences that can arise if the relationship goes south.